Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sound Development City Open Call

Sound Development City is seeking projects that engage with this year’s theme Mind the Gap! in an independent and dedicated manner.
The Expedition 2014 will explore the cities of Riga,Helsinki and the Baltic Sea area. We are looking for interventions, sound surveys, performances, experiments, moving images, and artistic research projects that will benefit from being on the road, and will probe urban environments as sites of both playfulness as well as social involvement.
Artists working in all disciplines can apply through the open call process. The key requirements are curiosity, openness to experimentation, process-oriented work, and adventurousness. We also welcome an inter-disciplinary approach and readiness to collaborate.

General Conditions

An international jury of five will select about 10 participants from the submitted applications. The selection criteria are artistic quality, originality and feasibility of realizing the proposed project.
Sound Development City is made possible by Sound Development. Participation in the project is free of charge. Travel costs, daily expenses and budget required for materializing the individual projects are supplied. In addition, Sound Development City provides a stipend of 3,000 Euros to all participants.
Participants must agree to take part in the expedition throughout its entire duration in an active and comprehensive manner. Public presentation and networking events are integral to the program. The project managers of Sound Development City will initiate these events in collaboration with fellow organizations in Riga and Helsinki.


The expedition will be documented with photos and communicated via a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter Account and a self-produced radio broadcast. Sound Development City reserves the right to use work provided by participants and produced for the expedition for press and public relations purposes.
Following the end of the expedition, the participating artists will collaborate with Sound Development City on a print publication. Artists must agree to generate content that would be used for communication and documentation and be published. The works produced during the expedition belong to the artists.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grant / Residency Opportunity – A Social Practice Initiative of Living Resources and Grand Central Art Center

Living Resources, a program of a California-based nonprofit organization, has teamed up with Grand Central Art Center (GCAC), a unit of the College of the Arts at California State University, Fullerton, in enlisting community-driven “Creatives” (artists, architects, social activists) to respond to a “Call” for proposals.
Specifically, the Creatives selected will be awarded a one-year opportunity to engage the residents in one of two affordable housing communities in Southern California and Phoenix, AZ to ignite social change through sustainable practices and programs. The Creatives selected – individual and or collective groups, will be given housing (or a housing stipend), a working stipend, and a small budget to execute their projects.
The communities in which applications will be accepted for are as follows:
Warwick Square Apartments, Santa Ana, Calif., a 500 unit family property where residents’ household income is less than 60% of median income adjusted for family size
Whispering Pines Apartments, Phoenix, AZ, a 325 unit family property whose residents’ household income is less than 80% of median income adjusted for family size
Living Resources is an outreach program developed and funded by a nonprofit organization founded to promote the preservation and/or rehabilitation of affordable housing for low-income households. Living Resources provides support – financial or otherwise, to underserved individuals or other nonprofit organizations serving those in need.
Grand Central Art Center, a unit of California State University, Fullerton’s College of the Arts, is the result of a unique partnership between the university and the city of Santa Ana. Located ten miles south of the main campus in the heart of downtown Santa Ana, the art center is a mixed residential, commercial and educational complex. Grand Central Art Center is dedicated to the investigation and promotion of contemporary art and visual culture: regionally, nationally, and internationally through unique collaborations among artists, students, and the community. The art center is a 45,000 square-foot, half-city block deep and full city-block long, three-level structure with apartments, live/studio spaces for college of the arts graduate students, the Grand Central Gallery, the Project room, the Grand Central Theater, the Gypsy Den Café, an Education Gallery, classrooms, and studio and living spaces dedicated to the center’s international artist-in-residence program.
More information on GCAC can be found at:
A partnership between Living Resources and the GCAC germinated from a collaboration in which Living Resources funded an artist in residency program at GCAC, as well as have seeded other community-based artistic efforts to stimulate social change in many Southern California communities.
We are looking for Creatives who seek to bring low-income people together at two affordable housing communities, in which the nonprofit is part owner, to share ideas and experiences, and stimulate social change within their communities. The Creatives role is to live and/or spend significant amounts of time with the people living there, get to know them, listen and lead the effort to stimulate change using their specific skillset and Social Practice approaches. Living Resources and GCAC seek a similar outcome – the Creatives leave the community a better place to live, with people more active in assuring the continuation of this positive change.
In sociology, the term social change refers to any significant alteration in behavior patterns and cultural values. This type of change may have a lasting effect on a society’s culture that has undergone transformation. We are looking for Creatives to live within the community in an affordable housing apartment complex and ignite change within that community making it a better place to live, getting people involved, and leaving a lasting impression for generations to come.
What exactly the Creative and that community are seeking to change and how this is accomplished is where we turn to you, the applicant, to lay out a framework for specific projects and approaches to accomplishing your goals over a one year period of time. This framework would also include methods for measuring this impact during your residency and once you have concluded your time.
This is a one-year residency in which the Creative is provided housing at no cost, a stipend of $10,000, and a small project budget of $2,000 for the year. The Creative may also choose to work part of the time from an onsite resource center, as well have access to the property management staff onsite and the resource center coordinator’s time.
Information related to each affordable housing community, such as what is listed below, can be found at the GCAC Website at the following link:
a. Demographics (Ethnic, Financial, Household Residents, etc.)
b. Existing Onsite Programming
c. Compilation of Any Onsite Survey of Resident Needs and/or Profiles
d. Surrounding Community Resources
Creatives must be:
• Individual artists or artist collectives
• A U.S. citizen or a permanent legal resident
• At least 25 years old
• A working artist with at least five years of professional experience
• Undergo a background (and credit check for living in residence at one of the affordable housing communities*)
• And have never committed a felony.
*To be eligible to live at the Santa Ana site, artists must qualify for affordable housing.   Artists can still do a project at the Santa Ana and not qualify for affordable housing, as it is not a requirement of the grant to live on site. The Phoenix site doesn’t have the same affordable housing qualifying requirement for living on site.
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 – The Call will be released.
Friday, May 23, 2014 – Applications due, 11:59 p.m. PST.
Friday, June 27, 2014 – Awards Made.
Living Resources & Grand Central Art Center Partnership
Developing Sustainable Practices within Affordable Housing Communities
Call to Creatives
Full Name(s)
Collaborative Information (if relevant)
Phone Alternative Phone
Email Address
Other Contact Information
On a separate document, please provide responses to the following questions.
Please describe your creative interests.
1. Please select which community you would like to work with.
Warwick Square Apartments (Family Affordable Housing Community; 500 units)
780 Lyon Street; Santa Ana, CA 92705
Whispering Pines Apartments (Family Affordable Housing Community; 325 units)
2601 North 36th Street; Phoenix, AZ 85008
2. What type of social change do you hope to bring about in that respective community? And, what are your goals of the proposed project? (Please provide a minimum of one page description on this question.)
3. How do you plan to go about at engaging the community to foster their interest and participation?
4. What plan do you have to bring about this change?
5. How do you plan to measure your impact on the community during your residency and what tools might you suggest post-residency?
6. What makes you qualified and the right person to be selected to initiate social change in this community?
7. Please describe some of your past work engaging community and/or leading social change.
8. What sets you apart from other applicants for this project?
9. Please provide samples of your work, if relevant.
10. Please attach a copy of your resume or CV.
11. Please provide three professional references.
Applications should be submitted to arrive no later than 11:59 p.m. PST on Friday, May 23, 2014 as follows:
Grand Central Art Center
Attn: John D. Spiak
125 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Please feel free to email any questions you may still have to the ATTN OF: John D. Spiak /

Monday, April 21, 2014

Curator in Residence at Belvedere/21er

The Curator in Residence Program (CIR) of the Belvedere/21er establishment operates worldwide curators who want to research for about three months in Belvedere and in the 21er Haus in particular to a field relevant to the museum's collection theme.
Objective of the program is the promotion of curators or scientists, for the collection and research focus of the Belvedere/21er home - work - Austrian art from the Middle Ages to contemporary art production in an international context. Networking with colleagues in the House and Belvedere/21er the Viennese art and culture scene is encouraged.
Conditions for the acceptance of project proposals
  • art and art historical themes from the Middle Ages to contemporary art production
  • specific textual reference to the respective collection area of ​​the house Belvedere/21er
The results of the research period, for example, are in the form of a lecture, a presentation as part of the Internet presence of the museum, will be presented as an intervention in the collection, or as a booklet to the public.
The / of the Curator in Residence are paid for the duration of stay royalties in the amount of 1,000 euros per month as well as a furnished apartment for the program provided in the Lower Belvedere with the workplace. In addition, the stand / the CIR for the duration of the stay - endorsed by the relevant heads of collections and ladders - Infrastructure, Research Center and Collections of the Belvedere/21er house.


The competition is open to candidates who have a relevant university degree and have experience in curating and / or are able to independently conduct research on their own project and this implement them. The program is not subject to the age restriction.
Comprise a complete application
  • a project within the scope of a DIN A4 page in German or English
  • a detailed curriculum vitae including publication list and possibly References
  • Information for the dates and duration of the research period.
In other documents we ask you to refrain. We point out that Applications submitted will not be returned. The selection of the CIR program participants will be made by an in-house jury consisting of the curators of the relevant department and the management of the Research Center of the Belvedere.
All CIR places have already been allocated for the year 2014. Applications for 2015 will be happy to 31 July 2014be accepted. Applications received outside this period, unfortunately, can not be considered.


. Sending email in the formats MS Word or PDF is preferred m.geymueller @ applications by mail, please contact: Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
 Mag Geymüller Maximilian 
Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27 
1030 Vienna